Free Way to Play Blu-ray Disc or ISO Files on Windows 7

Blu-ray Disc is widespread all over the world and maybe one day replace DVD. Perhaps you are bothered with that there’s no software to play your Blu-ray Disc or Blu-ray ISO files. However, you can get rid of this trouble by using UFUWare Windows 7 Blu-ray Player, which is an easy-to–use Blu-ray player software for windows 7 and a video player software program and could give you a unique experience with its high video broadcast quality and customer-oriented design.


To play a Blu-ray movie on your Windows 7 computer, there are several things you will need for smooth playback.

1. A Win7 computer
2. Blu-ray drive (USB should be above 2.0)
3. Blu-ray Player software (UFUWare Bluray Player)
4.Internet connection
5. A Bluray Disc(BD)

Try to Download Blu-ray Player

How to play Blu-ray on Windows 8.1 PC?

Step 1: Free Download UFUWare Windows 7 Blu-ray Player

Free trial version is now available, or you can click here to download Windows 7 Blu-ray Player. Keep the Setup file where you can easily find, like desktop, and then double click it to open the file, please follow the procedures precisely to finish the installment.

Step 2: Launch Windows 7 Blu-ray Player

After installing Windows 7 Blu-ray Player, you can double click on it to launch the program. The simplified main interface will reduce certain misoperation problems. You can see two buttons there: Open File and Open Disc.

Blu-ray Player for Win 7

Step 3: Insert Your BD into the Blu-ray Drive

Connect the Bly-ray drive with your PC via a USB cable. Insert the Blu-ray disc you want to play in the drive. Press the second one, and follow the instructions.

Win 7 Blu-ray Disc/Blu-ray ISO Player

Step 4: Enjoy Your Blu-ray Disc Movie on Windows 7

After waiting for several seconds, the special Blu-ray disc Menu will come up. In the disc Menu, you can play the movie directly or select the chapter, subtitle, audio track, and title, etc. Afterward, you can enjoy the Blu-ray audio-visual feast.

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