Blu ray Disc Player for PC-How to Play Blu-ray Disc Movie on PC?

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Blu-ray Disc is getting more and more popular for its large storage and excellent quality. Now lots of Blu-ray fans prefer Blu-ray disc movies. If you want to enjoy the Blu-ray disc movies with outstanding sound/picture quality at home, you need to to prepare two important and necessarry things: pick up a great Blu-ray Drive and a professional PC Blu-ray playing software.

Fro Blu-ray drive, you can bought one from amazon, Samsung and sony are good choices. For Blu-ray software, i can recommend a great one: UFUWare PC Blu-ray Player Software, with this wonderful and free trial blu-ray media player, you are allowed to play any Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO image files on PC. Plus, this wonderful video playing application can easily help you enjoy any wonderful 4K or HD video with best watching experience. You can fully enjoy 4K or 1080p videos on PC. Now I will show you how to enjoy Blu-ray disc files with this Blu-ray Player for pc with Windows 10/8.1 blue/8/7/vista/xp step by step.

Tips: To enjoy the Blu-ray ISO images, you need to install a virtue Blu-ray drive on your computer first.

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Follow the following steps to Play Blu-ray discs on PC:

Step 1: Install UFUWare Blu-ray Player for PC.
If you want to enjoy the Blu-ray movies on PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7/vista/xp, you need to install a virtue Blu-ray drive on your computer. And then install UFUWare PC Blu-ray Player Software to your computer by following the instructions.

PC Blu-ray Player Software

Step 2: Load Blu-ray Disc.
Launch the virtue Blu-ray drive to load the Blu-ray disc.Then click the “Open Disc” button to open a browse window where you need to find the virtue drive on your PC.

Step 3: Define the audio/video track.
With this UFUWare Blu-ray Player for PC Users, you are allowed to define the audio/video track, audio channel, playing screen size, and so on.

Plus, with the “Snapshot” function, you can capture your favorite Blu-ray images and save in the format of JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

play blu-ray movies on PC

Step 4: Start to play blu-ray disc movies on PC.
After all above settings, you can click “Play” button to enjoy your favorite Blu-ray disc movies on PC at home with wonderful video quality.

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