Play M2TS/MTS Files on PC with Free AVCHD Media Player

Most camcorder today outputs videos with AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) Video. Since it is jointly developed by Sony and Panasonic, AVCHD video has been an effective way for storing HD videos for its high capability while occupying little of your hard drive space. Whereas, the problem is that most media players don’t support this video format. It is lucky for Windows 7 natively support AVCHD video, but if your PC is Windows XP or Windows Vista based, you are kind of misfortune. You may need a specific AVCHD media player to make your PC available for this video format or you have to install special registry patch which will tie M2TS/MTS files.

You can also refer to a third party AVCHD media player like VLC Media Player , for instance. However, you have to update VLC Media Player from time to time, otherwise the player will crash or have no images on the screen.

What is the simplest way for you to enjoy the videos in your camcorder?

If you are tired of plug-ins coming from the third party codec, or endless update warnings, you can choose to have UFUWare Blu-ray Player for Windows which can play your AVCHD video formats smoothly without any plug-ins.

Try to Download Blu-ray Player Try to Download Blu-ray Player for Mac

How to Play AVCHD file with free AVCHD media Player on Your Windows PC?

Step 1: Free download and launch the program

Here you can free download UFUWare AVCHD Media Player software, and install it on your computer, and then launch the program to open then main interface.

Step 2: Open the AVCHD video on the program

To add video to the program, you need to click “Open File” button in the main interface and select the AVCHD video from local disk to open the AVCHD video on the program. And then the program would play the AVCHD video automatically.

Blu-ray HD Video Player for Windows

Step 3: Adjust the screen size

There are five size modes for you to choose: Half Size, Normal Size, Double Size, Fit to Screen and Full Screen. You can choose the one according to yourself.

Step 4: Capture the favorite image

UFUWare AVCHD Media Player provides you the “Snapshot” function to help you capture the favorite image from the AVCHD video, and then you can save them as JPEG, PNG, or BMP picture on your local disk.

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