What is 4K Resolution? Play 4K Videos with Top 4K Video Player

What is 4K Resolution?

4K resolution refers to a display device or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. 4K resolution provides more pixels than the ordinary HD 1080p images, thus, giving more nuance and details.

Let’s do this math:
4K: 4096(horizontal) X 2160(vertical) =8,847,360 pixels
HD: 1920(horizontal) X 1080(vertical) =2,073,400 pixels
The pixel of 4K resolution is over 4 times that of the HD 1080p, the clearer, the better!

Why Would We Care About 4K Resolution?

Because we want to see more!

When we become shortsighted, we chronically tend to buy a pair of glasses or even have myopic operations. Why? The inner demand that makes us unwilling to miss a bit! The same reason to why caring about 4k resolution. No more grid-like structures, no more obscure images, only vivid scenes and sound that bring you right in the atmosphere.

How to Play 4K Resolution Videos?

There are several things you need to get before playing 4K resolution videos:

4K Resolution Display

Prepare yourself a 4K set, or a Mac with retina 5K display, or a PC with 4k resolution monitor. Though 1080p monitor can handle 4K videos, but for those discerning viewers, we suggest equipping a decent 4K resolution monitor for a rainy day.

4K Resolution Media Player

If you plan to watch videos in 4K resolution on PC/Mac, 5KPlayer would be your best choice in terms of dealing with high res videos. It supports downloading and playbacks of 4K and 8K videos, saving 4K res videos from over 300 online video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc and rendering them to the best quality ever, smoothly without hiccups. Also, UFUWare Blu-ray Player enables you to play 4k or 1080p Blu-ray videos and play videos on Windows 10.

Try to Download Blu-ray Player

How to Download & Play 4K Resolution Videos with UFUWare Blu-ray Player?

Step 1: Download and run UFUWare Blu-ray Player to go to its main UI;

Step 2: There are two buttons on the interface of the player. Please click “Open File” button to load 4K video file.

a. Select the 4K video you want to watch and click “Open” button. Then the 4K video will be added to the player.

play 4k videos

b. Then the 4K video will be played automatically. You can enjoy the 4K video with clear audio/visual effect.

c. When the 4K video is played, you could do these operations such as pause, stop, play the 4K video and adjust the video volume at the bottom of the player.

d. If you want more control functions, hover your mouse to the top of the player and there are more control bars. You could select audio track, video track, subtitle, full screen and so on.

Additional Feature

Take snapshot
Perhaps you love some pictures of the 4K video. It’s easy. Hover the mouse to the bottom and click the snapshot icon to save the pictures. And then open the folder icon to get them. The pictures can be saved in the format of JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

Enjoyment time begins and you can enjoy the fun the 4K video brings to you now.

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